Understanding the Structure and Installation of Shelving Beams

March 4, 2024

Structure of Beam Shelves 

Beam shelves are assembled by columns, cross braces, diagonal braces, beams, bolts and safety pins, which are easy to assemble and do not require on-site welding, and the overall structure is stable and reliable with large load capacity. The goods are usually placed directly on the beams through pallets, or you can choose to place layer plates on the beams to hold the goods. For the safety of the layer load, you can choose to do mesh grid block to prevent the items from falling.

Installation of Beam Shelves

1. First of all, splice the column piece, use a cross brace to fix the top of the column, the cross brace is empty from the top of the column to leave two holes, and then start the installation from the bottom, the bottom cross brace is also empty from the bottom to leave two holes, the cross brace and the round hole on the column is fixed with bolts.

2. After the installation of the horizontal brace is completed, install the diagonal brace, the two ends of the diagonal brace should be uniformly placed on the upper or lower side, both sides to maintain the same direction. The round holes on the column are spaced 75mm apart, and the pitch of the diagonal brace is usually 600/675mm, that is, the two ends of the diagonal brace are spaced 7 or 8 holes apart, and the specific spacing is calculated by yourself. The round holes on the diagonal brace and the column are fixed with bolts.

3. Column piece splicing is completed, the column piece will be erected, start hanging crossbeam, first from the bottom of the hanging, the crossbeam along the column hole card into the hole, after the intersection of the column piece and crossbeam out of the safety pin to increase the safety of the crossbeam, column piece on both sides of the crossbeam are hanging, and then hanging the other end of the column piece of the crossbeam, and finally step by step up the installation, the installation should be measured according to the design of the height of each layer.

4. If you need to do the layer plate, mesh grid block, the corresponding installation work after the completion of the installation of the shelves.

5. After the installation of the shelves is completed, we need to do inspection work to ensure that the bolts are tightly connected without loosening, the beams are fitted with safety pins, and there is no error in the spacing.

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