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Foshan Deli Machinery Equipment Co., LTD. is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer with over 20-year rich experience. We have dozens of inventions and patents, and have been certified as a National High-Tech Enterprise.

Our machines are widely applied for producing building material, steel furniture, pallet racking system and automobile profile. For example, patent honeycomb ceiling production line, server cabinet beam & upright production line, etc, and series of profile production lines for compact shelf, file cabinet, shelving system, can meet different complex customization requirements.

Till now, we have many customers domestic and abroad, such as Japan HONDA (car profile), Spain INDAUX (drawer slide), the USA FANSN (building material), Russia DHXF (shelving panel); and domestic HUAWEI (server cabinet profile), HISENSE KELON (for IKEA products), BARDISS, LANGTAI (honeycomb ceiling panel), NANYANG ELECTRIC (electric cabinet profile), FOXCONN (drawer slide), MIDEA (profile), QINGLING MOTORS (corrugated panel), and so on.




2003 Foundation

Committed to producing high-quality, high-precision, high-automation products.
Main products: ball bearing drawer slide production line
For example, FOXCONN (drawer slide)


2008 Cabinet & Automobile Industry

Main customers: HUAWEI (server cabinet beam and upright production line)
NISSAN, HONDA, TOYOTA (automotive glass lift slide production line)


2013 Shelving & Steel Furniture Industry

Roll forming production line for compact shelves, with 90% domestic market share.
Main customers. Jiangxi Jinhu, Zall Group, etc.
Complete production line for steel furniture, domestic market share has reached 80%.
Main customers: Luoyang Light Group, Kefelya, etc.


2021 Building Material – Ceiling industry

Patent honeycomb ceiling tile production line, creating industry applications.
Main customers: Bardiss, Langtai, etc.


2023 On the way

Lastest products: production lines for bed frame profiles, storage rack shelving profiles, closed shelf racking pallets and so on.


High-Tech Enterprise Certificate 2022-2025
High-Tech Enterprise Certificate 2019-2022
Made-in-China Audited Supplier
BV Factory Audit

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