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Roll Forming Production Line Industry Applications

Deli Machinery’s roll forming machine solutions are suitable for many customized high-precision metal profiles or complex punching/sections.

Industries We Serve

DELI metal forming and fabrication machinery and systems is used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries and applications — from warehouse logistics like shelves racking systems; building materials for LED troffer、ceiling panel、wall panel; office furniture for cabinet、locker and other. Below is a list some of the many industries that DELI serves.

Shelves & Racking Systems

– Warehouse Logistics

LED Troffer & Fluorescent Fixture

– Lighting Materials

Ceiling Panel Systems

–  Building Material

Wall Panel Systems

– Building Material

Metal Furnitures

– Furnitures Material

Roll Forming for Profiles / Sections

Clients trust Deli Machinery due to our precision-engineered machines that deliver high-quality roll forming. We offer custom solutions tailored to individual needs, incorporating advanced technology for superior performance. Our global experience, evidenced by numerous successful projects, speaks volumes about our capabilities.

Warehousing Pallet Shelf

● Complete punching, roll forming, cutting, and bending in one step with convenient operation facilitated by full servo control

Warehousing Pallet Racking

● High production efficiency – punching, roll forming and cutting can be completed automatically inline.

LED Troffer

● Applicable to 0.4mm PPGI.

● With 40 stations of forming rollers, product accuracy up to ±0.2mm.

Fluorescent Fixture

● High accuracy of finished products, no scratches or cracks.

● High production efficiency, punching, forming and cutting can be completed at one time.

Ceiling Panel

● One-step completion of roll forming, cutting, and bending, easy operation by full servo control

Width and length can be fast adjusted by CNC control

● High-precision of finished product, can realize frameless installation, arbitrary splicing

Wall Panel

● High production efficiency, notching, forming and cutting can be completed at one time.

Furniture Drawer Panel

● One-step completion of punching, roll forming, cutting, and bending , easy operation by full servo control.

Furniture Rack Panel

● Completion of punching, roll forming, cutting, and bending in one step, with effortless operation enabled by full servo control.

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