Chief Engineer Mr. Xie Carried out Machine Training

March 7, 2023

In order to improve the level of business skills and enrich the relevant theoretical knowledge of mechanical equipment, on March 7, Mr. Xie, the chief engineer of Deli, personally conducted a training for the sales team, explaining the roll forming principles in detail.

At the training meeting, Mr. Xie took several representative complex profiles as examples to vividly demonstrate the forming process of the profiles under the action of each set of rollers, so that the sales team have a further understanding of the principle of roll forming. During the period, Mr. Xie also introduced some basic theoretical knowledge, such as yield strength, tensile strength, friction coefficient, elongation and other physical properties, as well as detailed explanations on the processing technology of metal materials, metal rolling processing precision, etc, which improved the level of theoretical knowledge of the sales team. Finally, through on-site Q&A, the business team deepened their understanding of mechanical equipment and forming principles, and further enhanced their business capabilities.

After the meeting, General Manager Xie set up an online message board to make it easier for everyone to learn and communicate, and answered questions regularly. Afterwards, irregular business training will also be carried out to continuously improve the business level, so that the sales team will be more confident in the future work and their performance will be greatly improved.

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